Who We Are

We are an early stage (seed, pre-seed) startup investment fund. Our partners are international top level entrepreneurs and business executives from USA and Europe. We are interested in investing our time, know-how and money into new, cutting edge startup companies.

As our name suggests, we strongly believe in the English proverb from 17th century: “The early bird gets the worm”, meaning if you do something before anybody else you have advantage and higher chance to succeed. That is why we invest before anybody else in people who have innovative business ideas, get up early and get the job done.

Our Approach

  • Quick evaluation and fast decision making – decision usually taken within 2 weeks after application
  • Simple application process – no formal presentations needed. Well described idea presented in any format
  • We invest not only money but also time, know-how, resources, connections
  • We are active investors – meaning we take participation in the operation of the company however we limit our support to critical areas
  • We do not provide mentorship – we bring in resources with the needed competencies. The main partner should demonstrate competences and ability to develop the product/service

When investing in companies we become an active minority partner. Besides money we provide resources and competences in the area of business strategy and management, finance, law, HR, marketing and sales, lean manufacturing etc. We are looking for partners – startup owners who are interested in collaboration and willing to take advantage of all resources we have.

To succeed a startup company needs to be developed very quickly without any compromise on quality. That is possible only through hard work of team of professionals covering all business competences. That is why we invest in people who not only have great business ideas but are ready to become team members.

What We Invest In

  • Preference on products vs services
  • Priority industries – High-tech, Energy, Manufacturing, Luxury Consumer Goods, Biotechnology, Health, Sport and Lifestyle, Chemistry, Construction, Cosmetics
  • Startups where the owner is industry expert
  • Business ideas with international market potential
  • Early stage startups

We invest in people. People with an idea that can be turned into a scalable business.

When we talk to entrepreneurs, before we get too carried away with the idea, we want to probe them about their vision, mission, and values. We are looking for outstanding personality. Our investment decisions are based first on the human factor, then on the idea.

We look for product-focused teams who have found a painful problem and an elegant solution to that problem. We invest in products that have an impact in the near future.


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